Housed in a former flour mill, the Delaplaine offers five galleries on two floors that showcase solo and group exhibitions on a rotating basis. Exhibition receptions are held on the first Saturday of each month.

The Delaplaine seeks proposals on an ongoing basis for shows in five galleries as well as schools and community groups for the Community Art Gallery. Community groups and schools wishing to have information about these opportunities should contact the Community Outreach Programs Manager.

Proposals for large group, small group, and solo shows are reviewed by an exhibition selection panel and are scheduled up to two years in advance.

Current & Ongoing Exhibition Opportunities:


An Interview with Sydney Dexter, Exhibitions Manager

From Delaplaine Arts magazine, Fall 2018

We sat down with Sydney Dexter, the Delaplaine’s Exhibitions Manager, for a Q&A about exhibiting at the Delaplaine.

Delaplaine Arts: Who can apply for an exhibition at the Delaplaine?

Sydney Dexter: Anyone! Exhibitors have included artists with varying backgrounds and experiences—local and international, professional and nonprofessional, well-known and emerging, self-taught and highly trained. They all have contributed to making the Delaplaine a dynamic site for the visual arts.

DA: How does one apply for a show?

SD: Applying for a show is easy! We accept all exhibit proposals online at through EntryThingy, a digital call-for-entry portal. If you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone, then you have access to EntryThingy. There’s even a video tutorial for new users that walks you through each step. For those who need further assistance or don’t have online access, I’m just a phone call away. We can set up an appointment and I can help with the submission.

DA: Is there a cost to apply?

SD: Exhibit proposal fees are $7 for Delaplaine members, and $37 for non-members. Fees are submitted with the proposals on EntryThingy. Of course, anyone can become a Delaplaine member by completing the online form, also on our website.

DA: What is the selection process?

SD: Exhibit proposals are reviewed and evaluated by the Exhibit Selection Panel, consisting of artists, art professionals, art consultants, and art educators. Once the reviews are completed, I schedule the exhibits that have been accepted by the panel.

DA: What does the panel look for?

SD: There are a number of factors that the panel considers when reviewing a proposal. Does it convey a clear message? Is it cohesive and comprehensive? Will it reach a broad range of audiences? Are installation requirements compatible with the spaces we provide? These are just some of the considerations. Artists aren’t judged on their personal backgrounds or writing skills—it’s really about the art.

DA: How long does it take to get a show, if accepted?

SD: About two years. That gives artists a chance to develop the body of work that they intend to exhibit, and gives us the opportunity to work on exhibit-related programming and promotion. We have seven on-site exhibit spaces that change monthly and three satellite spaces to plan for, so adequate lead-time is very important.

DA: Anything else you’d like to add?

SD: If there are any questions or concerns, artists shouldn’t hesitate to contact me at 301-698-0656 x108 or I’m here to help them reach an audience!

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