Over the last 35+ years, the Delaplaine has built a solid foundation of educational opportunities for students of all ages and skill levels. We believe that everyone deserves art. We also believe that everyone deserves to experience art education in an excellent environment, taught by highly qualified instructors. Our Educational Standards reflect what current and prospective students can expect to experience when taking classes at the Delaplaine.

All classes at The Delaplaine Arts Center will address the following:

  1. How art historical references inform subject matter;
  2. How to identify and use tools and equipment specific to a particular medium;
  3. How to properly navigate the studio in a safe manner;
  4. How to incorporate elements of art and principles of design;
  5. The value of critical thinking and aesthetics.


Registration Guidelines

  • Students under the age of 18 must have a signed Permission Form on file in order to participate in classes.
  • Tuition must be paid in full upon registration in order to reserve a space in the class.
  • The Delaplaine reserves the right to cancel any courses and guarantees a full tuition refund in such cases.
  • Classes canceled by the Delaplaine (e.g. – due to inclement weather) will be rescheduled.
  • Students may drop a course and obtain a full refund, less a $20 processing fee, if written notification is received at least five business days prior to the first class. Absolutely no refunds can be granted after this time regardless of attendance.
  • Cancellations sent via mail will be considered by the date received.
  • Classes missed by students cannot be rescheduled or refunded.
  • The Delaplaine reserves the right to substitute faculty when necessary.
  • Payment of class fees implies acceptance of all policies stated on this page.
  • Any artwork created in class that is left at the Delaplaine must be labeled with the student’s name and the class number. All artwork remaining on site 30 days after the last class meeting will become the property of the Delaplaine.

Student Responsibilities

  • All students should report promptly, but not arrive more than 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of class.
  • Students are not allowed in classrooms other than during times specified.
  • All students in children’s classes must be picked up, on time, after each class by an authorized person. Parents/guardians must assume full responsibility for their own children before and after class.
  • Parents/guardians are encouraged to attend the beginning of the first class session, with their child, to receive any additional information.
  • There will be absolutely no unauthorized visitors in the room during class time.
  • Students in the adult classes are responsible for obtaining their own supplies, unless otherwise noted in the class description; students enrolled in the youth and children’s classes are provided with art supplies.
  • The Delaplaine reserves the right to ask any student to leave if he or she is disruptive or interferes with the safety of others. There will be no refund if this occurs. Students who have been asked to leave must submit a written request for permission to attend future classes. The Instruction Panel will decide if re-admittance is appropriate.
  • Public areas of the Delaplaine are dog-friendly for leashed and well behaved dogs; classrooms are service dog only areas.

ADA Policy

The Delaplaine makes every effort to provide full access to all activities and educational opportunities. Students with a need for accommodations must submit a signed request form 2 weeks in advance. We require appropriate documentation of disabilities.

  • Students with a need for accommodations must submit the signed request form 2 weeks in advance. Download the ADA Policies, or request one by emailing or by calling 301-698-0656 ext 104.
  • We require appropriate documentation of disabilities.

Visiting Artist Workshop Registration Guidelines

  • Tuition in full is required at the time of registration ($75 non-refundable).
  • No refunds of any amount will be issued after 30 days prior to a Visiting Artist Workshop. The Delaplaine does not provide makeup classes, refunds, credits or transfers for sessions missed as a result of illness, emergency, or events beyond our control. A full tuition refund will be issued in the unlikely event that a workshop is cancelled.

M&T Senior Scholarship in the Arts Application Guidelines

Since Fall 2004, M&T Bank has generously sponsored scholarships for seniors to take classes at the Delaplaine. M&T Senior Scholarship in the Arts notifications occur before class begins.

  • To receive a scholarship, a senior must be a member of the Delaplaine and 65 or older. Scholarships cover all tuition, but students must purchase the required supplies, and in some cases, pay a material or model fee.
  • Seniors may apply for a scholarship at any time. Applications must be in writing and are due no later than 48 hours prior to class start date. To apply, contact the Instruction Manager or call 301-698-0656 ext 110.
  • A senior may apply for a scholarship for one class or workshop per semester. Scholarships are not available for Visiting Artist Workshops.
  • In any one class, no more than 50% of students can be enrolled as scholarship students.
  • The M&T Senior Scholarship is similar to a waitlist. Therefore, if there is room in the class, applicants will be moved from the waitlist to the roster approximately 5 days before class begins. If cleared, you will receive an email confirmation at that time.

Confidentiality Statement

No employee or contractor of The Delaplaine Arts Center shall divulge any confidential information, including address, phone numbers, donations, enrollments or other non-public information, from any Delaplaine records.

Photo Release

The Delaplaine captures photos and videos during classes, events, and programs. Images may be used for online or in print to promote The Delaplaine Arts Center and its mission. Those who do NOT wish to appear in the Delaplaine’s photos or videos must notify Delaplaine staff or email your request.