Board & Staff


John “Nick” Hutchings, Chair
Susan L. Schnaars, Vice Chair & Corporate Secretary
Anca Gabriela Stradley, CPA, Treasurer

Alison R. Cain
Molly Carlson, PhD
Nancy E. Gillece
Dawn Renee Gould
Julie K. Horton, PhD
Kim Klabe
Kate Kuranda
Norvis Long-Parker
Tammy O’Connor
Timothy Stolz, CPA
Roger A. Wilson – City of Frederick Liaison




Catherine Moreland, CEO

Duane Doxzen, Director of Development & Communications (ext. 109)

Thomas Canavan, Director of Programs (ext. 104)

Marilyn Orsinger, Director of Facilities & Rentals (ext. 102)

Sydney Dexter, Exhibitions Manager (ext. 108)

Jackson Frazier, Facilities & Rentals Manager (ext. 113)

Melanie Gettier, Visitors Services Manager (ext. 107)

Catherine Gironda, Instruction Manager (ext. 110)

Tim Ryan, Marketing Manager (ext. 111)

Cindy Yount, Community Outreach Programs Manager (ext. 105)

Dakota Cannaday, Facilities & Rentals Assistant

Kathie MossyBookkeeper (ext. 114)

Susan O’Connor, Office Manager (ext. 115)

David Fitzwater, Staff Assistant

Padraig Higgins, Staff Assistant

You can reach us via email or at 301-698-0656 using the extensions above.


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