About the Holiday Art Competition

The Holiday Art Competition is jointly presented by The Delaplaine Arts Center (the Delaplaine) and the Holiday Committee, a sub-committee of Celebrate Frederick Inc., a private, non-profit corporation working in partnership with the City of Frederick.


  1. The theme for the competition is a secular celebration of “The Holidays in Historic Frederick.”
  2. The artwork should be a way for people unfamiliar with Frederick to have an idea of the winter wonderland that awaits locals and tourists during the winter months.
  3. The selected artwork, or portions of the artwork, will be used by Celebrate Frederick in several “The Holidays” promotional pieces for the upcoming year. The finished product may include additional logos and/or copy added by Celebrate Frederick as needed.

Authority of the Committee

  1. The Holiday Committee reserves the right to refuse any artwork upon arrival, which does not, for whatever reason, adhere to these rules and requirements.
  2. Artists agree to abide by all entry requirements and decisions of the Holiday Committee and the Delaplaine. Any misrepresentation or failure to abide by these rules and requirements is grounds for removal from the competition. Decision by the Holiday Committee and the Delaplaine is final and not subject to review by any other body.
  3. No artist will be allowed to enter the competition who did not meet the registration deadline or fails to provide approval confirmation to the Holiday Committee at the scheduled artwork submission dates.
  4. The Holiday Committee will retain exclusive commercial rights for two (2) years for the production of posters featuring the artwork and for five (5) for any other promotional pieces. Details will be arranged with the winning artist.

Entry Procedures and Fee

  1. All entries must be submitted through the Delaplaine’s EntryThingy portal with payment by 11:59 PM on November 8, 2023.
  2. No late entries will be accepted.
  3. A non-refundable entry fee of $20 per piece of work is required for entry into the competition.


The competition will be judged in two rounds:

  1. The first round will be conducted virtually through the Delaplaine’s EntryThingy portal, with all judges working remotely and individually. This round will determine which artworks will be accepted for exhibition.
  2. The second round will be conducted in person after the artwork has been installed, and these judges will confer with each other to make their decisions. This round will determine the recipients of the Judges’ Choice Award, and if applicable, the Judges’ Special Award.

Awards and Recognition

  1. Judges’ Choice: A prize of $1,000 will be awarded to the winning artist the night of the Holiday Art Competition. The chosen artwork, or segments of it, will be utilized in the upcoming year’s promotional campaign for “The Holidays in Historic Frederick”. The artist will be given credit wherever the artwork is utilized. Judges’ Choice is based on artistic merit, ease of reproduction, exemplification of theme, and adherence to rules.
  2. Barbara Maghan People’s Choice: A certificate will be awarded to the winning artist during the Holiday Art Competition opening reception as selected by popular vote that evening.
  3. Judges’ Special Award: Judges may elect to honor an artist with a Judges’ Special Award certificate recognizing exceptional artistic merit.

Drop-off, Display, and Pickup

  1. Artwork accepted for exhibition by the first round of judging is to be hand delivered to the Delaplaine at 40 S. Carroll Street in Frederick, MD on Monday, November 20, or Tuesday, November 21, 2023, 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM.
    • Artwork may also be shipped to the Delaplaine to arrive by November 21. Shipped work arriving after November 21 will not be included.
  2. Pieces will be exhibited at the Delaplaine from Wednesday, November 29, through Saturday, December 30, 2023.
  3. All pieces will be insured while on the premises of the Delaplaine for the sale price minus commission or, if not for sale (NFS), the stated insured value.
  4. All pieces must be picked up on Tuesday, January 2, or Wednesday, January 3, 2024, 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Any other pick-up arrangements must be made in advance by contacting the Delaplaine’s Exhibitions Manager.

Entry Requirements: READ CAREFULLY

  1. Origin of Work
    1. All artwork must be original in design and personal execution.
    2. Prints must be original and hand-pulled.
    3. No digital prints will be accepted.
    4. All pieces must be unpublished commercially. This does not prohibit artists from sharing images of their pieces on their personal social media accounts.
  2. Theme & Color
    1. The artwork should reflect the theme of “Holidays in Historic Frederick.” Key ideas to consider include fun, downtown, winter, happy, snow, and light.
    2. The artwork should incorporate recognizable symbols of Frederick. Imagery to consider featuring include but are not limited to: architectural highlights of the city, such as the Carillon, Schifferstadt, the Clustered Spires; people having fun in a winter or snowy depiction of Patrick Street, East Street, or Market Street; the Carroll Creek Linear Park; and carolers, carriage rides, candlelight, and camaraderie.
    3. Imagery to avoid include specific religious symbols, symbols or imagery strongly or uniquely associated with one particular faith, and endorsements of specific downtown businesses (e.g., prominent display of a business name). While these may not be refused from the display and sale, they will not be considered suitable to the theme and will NOT be eligible for the grand prize.
    4. The work should be able to be reproduced in black and white.
  3. Media, Size and Orientation
    1. All two-dimensional works in any non-digital media (paintings, drawings, hand-pulled prints, etchings, collage, photography) are acceptable.
    2. The piece must be a minimum of 18” x 24” and no larger than 36” x 48”.
    3. Vertical/portrait orientations are preferred for ease of reproduction and graphic needs. Horizontal/landscape-oriented artwork will not be refused but, if chosen as winner, may be cropped and altered to fit a vertical orientation.
  4. Entry Submission
    1. All accepted work must be DRY and finished at time of delivery.
      • Accepted work may be refused because it is wet. Unexpectedly wet paintings can be damaged during handling. Allow sufficient drying time for oil paints before the submission deadline.
    2. All accepted work must be framed and wired to a professional standard, delivered ready to hang. NO SAWTOOTH HANGERS; they do not work with the Delaplaine’s professional hanging system. Wire should be affixed to the frame using D-ring or strap hangers in one smooth line. Please make sure that the picture hanging wire used is an appropriate strength for the weight of your work. Framed work should be secured using offset clips and screws (works on canvas) or using points (flat works with backing board). ABSOLUTELY NO TAPE, DUCT TAPE, MASKING TAPE, OR OTHER UNSTABLE METHODS FOR SECURING WORK TO ITS FRAME.
      • Accepted work may be refused because of framing.
      • Unframed accepted work may be presented with finished, painted gallery-wrapped edges and wired for hanging.
    3. Label each work on the back in the top right-hand corner with the following information:
      • Artist name
      • Title
      • Medium
      • Sale price or not for sale (NFS) indication with insurance value
      • Preferred phone number
      • Email address

Sale of Work

  1. In the event the piece is sold while being exhibited at the Delaplaine as part of the Holiday Art Competition, the Artist shall receive the following:
    1. Delaplaine Members: eighty percent (80%) of sale price
      1. The Delaplaine shall receive 10%
      2. The Holiday Committee shall receive 10%
    2. Non-Members: seventy percent (70%) of sale price
      1. The Delaplaine shall receive 15%
      2. The Holiday Committee shall receive 15%
  2. The artist is not required to offer work for sale.
  3. In the event the piece is not sold, the artist retains ownership of original work.


2022 Holiday Art Competition Winner

Congratulations to Rebecca Pearl for taking home the First Place Judges’ Prize for her entry, City Lights!