The following is some helpful preliminary information about renting our lovely function space, Gardiner Hall and attached Event Deck.


In general, the rental event process begins with an online or email inquiry. This is typically followed an in-person meeting to share your plans, ask questions, and visit the space. It may be followed by a “Show & Tell” meeting and/or AV dry-run (see below), depending on the type and requirements of the event. Please note: Every event we host is special. Because we have events almost daily, we may not be able to answer a call or email immediately regarding your future event. (You can be sure that when your special day comes around, we will focus on your event with the same consideration!) Please allow a few days for us to respond. We also are not available for unscheduled drop-in visits; please schedule all meetings. Generally, we can be available daytimes, evenings, or weekends–whenever convenient for you.


We have a multi-tiered rate schedule based on day of the week, time of day, type of event, and user category. Please see the pricing information on the previous page. Absolutely no rental discounts apply on Saturdays and Sundays.


Upon confirming your date, we will send you our rental contract with an event cost estimate that we require to be paid in advance of your event. Along with a signed contract, we ask for a $500 deposit (or the full amount if $500 or under). This deposit is  non-refundable. The deposit paid goes towards the total bill. We take checks and have an online payment feature that uses PayPal. We will send you the online link with the contract.

Show & Tell Meeting

Once we have your signed contract and $500 deposit, we can schedule the logistics/decor meeting, the “Show & Tell” meeting. It can take more than an hour to get all of the details arranged. If you have an inspiration photo you can send, it is helpful–we really like to think about your decor wishes ahead of time!


Gardiner Hall is rectangular in shape: 36′ by 50′. In December, it may serve as one of our galleries. It has a neutral color scheme, beautiful beechwood floors, and high ceilings with exposed rafters. Two sets of French doors open to the attached outdoor Event Deck overlooking the park. The Event Deck is partially covered.


Normally, the Gardiner Hall comfortably fits up to 90–100 for a sit-down meal. For a walk-around “cocktail party” or a program configuration, the capacity may be more, depending on the set-up. Capacity limits are determined by event type and configuration, and are not negotiable.


The Delaplaine Center is ADA compliant and has easy access for wheelchairs, including a drop-off curb cut and automated door openers at both Delaplaine Alley and Carroll Creek Park entrances. There are two elevators: right outside Gardiner Hall and adjacent to the galleries in the Mill Building.

Tables and Chairs

The Delaplaine has round tables that seat 6–8. We also have a large number of standard 6-foot banquet tables and 30-inch round cocktail (high top) tables in addition to the dining rounds. Our chairs are white padded folding chairs. Our staff sets up the tables and chairs. Use of our chairs and tables is included in the rental price.

Decor & Setup

As Gardiner Hall is generally heavily booked, we usually do all of the set-up and decorating in-house. We have a selection of linens you can choose from. If you have some personal or DIY decor items you want included, most renters just bring them a day or so ahead of time so we can set them. This tends to work very well, leaving the actual event day free for the hosts to focus on their guests! The following items are absolutely not permitted: confetti (under 1-inch), sparklers or sparkler devices (forbidden by fire code), and fog machines (will set off fire alarms).


The Delaplaine does not do catering. Food must be prepared off-site and catered in. Gardiner Hall has a conveniently-located kitchenette area for use by any approved caterers. The provider must be an actual caterer (not just a restaurant) and MUST be approved by us in advance. We have a list of policies that caterers must abide by when using the small kitchen space. There is no food heating equipment onsite and there is no ice machine. Please make arrangements to have your caterer or liquor provider bring bags of ice in a cooler. We do have a large refrigerator/cooler but no freezer.


Renters and their caterers are responsible for cleaning up after the event. All food and serving pieces must be removed, with trash bagged and put in outside dumpsters. The caterer’s kitchen MUST be cleaned, including, but not limited to, washing all countertops, sweeping, mopping, cleaning sinks, and removing trash to the outside dumpsters (a list is posted in the kitchen for your convenience). If you wish us to take care of cleaning the kitchen for you, it MUST be arranged ahead of time and a $300 fee paid with the final event payment. In Gardiner Hall, the floor must be swept and free of debris. Please leave Delaplaine items (tables, chairs, linens, candles, centerpieces, and other decor items in place) in place–we will take care of those for you!

Trash & Recycling

The Delaplaine wants a clean and pleasant environment for all our renters and encourages and practices recycling. Caterers and renters providing their own catering must recycle glass and metal containers during their event. Blue recycling receptacles with lids are provided. The lids must remain on the containers when in use to discourage contamination by food and other non-recyclables. Recyclables must be emptied into the large outdoor recycling bins (blue). Cardboard, such as empty boxes, must be removed from the premises. All other trash must be bagged and placed in the large outdoor garbage bins (green). Trash that does not fit into the bins must be removed from the property. Under no circumstances should trash be left on top the trash bins or on the ground. Those not following the guidelines will be billed and agree to pay a fee of $250 to the Delaplaine within 15 days of notification of violation.


DJ’s and live music are frequently used at our facility, and Gardiner Hall’s hardwood floors are great for dancing. Depending on the type of event, day and time of event, and current exhibitions at the Delaplaine, the arts center’s other galleries may be open for to event guests. Guests may also stroll outside with direct access to adjacent Carroll Creek Park.


DJ’s bring their own sound system and do not use our public address set-up. A variety of easels and dividers are available.  We have a large white wall that serves as a screen. There are room darkening or light filtering shades for the window, and arrangements may be made to darken the French doors that lead to the Event Deck. The lighting in the room may be dimmed. Gardiner Hall features an LCD video projector; however, a “dry-run” is required to be scheduled to take place at least a day in advance of your event because we do not provide AV staff for the event.


It is possible to serve hosted alcohol at private events with invited guests. No special license is required if money is not changing hands. A bartender is required. Speak to your caterer about bartending arrangements.


The City of Frederick’s East All Saints Street Parking Deck is located next door to the Delaplaine on the corner of East All Saints Street and Carroll Street. The deck has very affordable weekend and evening rates. Limited on-street parking near the Delaplaine is free after 5 pm on most days. Please note: DO NOT park in the gravel lot next door toward East Street. The privately-owned lot has an aggressive towing policy that may result in a very expensive towing fee. The Delaplaine has no control over this lot and is not responsible for towed vehicles.

Liability Insurance

We require a Certificate of Liability Insurance listing the Delaplaine as additionally insured. What we need is an ACORD form called a Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI). We need you to provide basic liability insurance to protect us from the actions of your guests. In laymans’ terms, if your guest stands on a chair, breaks it, and hurts themselves, it will be your insurance, and not the Delaplaine’s, that will cover it. This is a pretty standard request with most rental venues.  Many of our clients get this from their homeowners or renters insurance vendor. Please contact your agent for more information. Please note that we are not asking for “Event Insurance;” that is a different insurance product and much more expensive than simple liability coverage. (If your insurance vendor does not cover off-site family events or is unreasonably expensive, two online sources of COI’s are and The Delaplaine neither represents nor endorses these or any other insurance company or product.)