Travel Photography Using Your iPhone Camera

Instructor: Carol Leadbetter
Description: Ready to try using your iPhone camera instead of your DSLR on your next vacation? Trade in the weight of the DSLR camera and its lenses for the lightweight convenience of the pocket-ready iPhone. If you have a working knowledge of how to use your iPhone, you will learn how to take optimum pictures on your next trip. Topics to be covered include camera setups, hidden features to help with exposure and composition, equipment to bring, apps to use, and how to create stunning pictures to share on social media and with friends. Travel makes your life richer! Come and learn how to better capture those special memories.
Dates: August 13-August 13
Day: Sunday
Time: 1:00 PM-4:00 PM
Number of Sessions: 1
Age: 17 and older
Cost: $75 ($50 member)

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