Papercut Powerlines (virtual workshop)

Instructor: Rosa Leff
Description: Papermaking spread from China to the Islamic world by the 8th century. By the 11th century it had made its way through Europe. Each culture along that path developed its own unique style of papercutting using scissors, knives, hammers and more. Now considered a folk-art medium, papercutting is experiencing a renaissance with more people than ever cutting paper to reflect modern times. Most people are familiar with silhouettes and paper snowflakes. In this online workshop, students will work from photographs using X-Acto knives to create cityscapes featuring thin powerlines.
Dates: December 5-December 6
Day: Saturday & Sunday
Time: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM
Number of Sessions: 2
Age: Adults
Cost: $125 ($100 member)