Visual Storytelling

Instructor: Alex Fine
Description: Graphic Era Workshop This workshop will help artists to develop a better understanding of conceptual thinking and visual communication as it applies to the world of illustration. The instructor will give a brief lecture on the illustration industry, including news and entertainment media, book publishing, and visual journalism. Following the lecture, students will be given a 90 minute assignment to create a mock New Yorker magazine cover. Sketches will be created for approval on paper with the cover template already printed, and final art will be started based on approved sketches. Individual guidance and feedback will be provided by the instructor. Please note, because everyone works at different speeds, a final illustration is not expected by the end of the class. Students are welcome to email final illustrations to the instructor upon completion for a detailed critique.
Dates: April 4-April 4
Day: Saturday
Time: 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Number of Sessions: 1
Age: 16 and older
Cost: $50 ($50 member)