Beginning Watercolor

Instructor: Janet Arsenault
Description: This class is designed for a beginner with no prior experience painting with watercolor. A sequence of study will begin with drawing fundamentals and lead to completion of a single color or value painting, followed by a second version of that painting but with two colors. Focus will be placed on taking time to learn properties of the watercolor medium and understanding the role of designing with elements of shape, value, and color to create a strong painting. SUPPLIES NEEDED: 15 ml transparent yellow oxide, 5 ml or 15 ml ultramarine blue, 5 ml or 15 ml quinacridone rose (Instructor recommends Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors) BRUSHES: Size 14 round watercolor paintbrush, 1/2" flat watercolor paintbrush (Instructor recommends Black Velvet 3000 and Robert Simmons White Sable One Stroke), HB Drawing pencil and eraser, 140lb cold-pressed watercolor paper (Instructor recommends Arches), watercolor palette with large mixing area, roll of paper towels. Estimated cost = $85-$90
Dates: February 5-March 4
Day: Wednesdays
Time: 6:30 PM-9:00 PM
Number of Sessions: 5
Age: 14 and older
Cost: $145 ($120 member)