Make Your Own Skateboard or Cutting Board

Instructor: Mark Palmquist
Description: Learn to glue-up and shape strips of wood to fashion a cruiser board or a multi-colored cutting board. Students will learn the process of designing and making a skateboard or cutting board. Students will learn how to mill wood boards, glue them together - edge to edge - and sculpt and sand a shape. Discussion topics will include the properties of wood and wood strength. Demonstrations will include finishing options and techniques for students to complete at home. Tuition includes wood and safety supplies. If making a cruiser board, students should bring wheels, bearings, trucks, and screws (approximate cost: $85). Bring a bag lunch or visit downtown eateries within walking distance during a 1-hour break. REQUIRED: Signed studio waiver (provided in class); closed-toed shoes; Long hair must be tied back; no jewelry; long sleeves rolled up.
Dates: June 22-June 22
Day: Saturday
Time: 10:30 AM-2:30 PM
Number of Sessions: 1
Age: 14 and older
Cost: $125 ($100 member)