Creative Shapes, Piercing & Forming

Instructor: Beth Carey
Description: Students will learn to explore texturing metals & forming. Through demos the students will learn the elasticity, properties of metals & how to use these properties in forming their projects. Piercing designs on domed or curved designs will be demoed & discuss variations. Students will learn to be more confident with the saw, texturing, forming & soldering with propane/oxygen torch in their designs in metals. This will be accomplished through the following 3 projects that will be presented during the 9 weeks. 1. Textured earrings 2. Anticlasticing bracelet 3. Hoop earrings REQUIRED: Signed studio waiver, safety glasses, earplugs, ventilated respirator (3M #8515 recommended). Prerequisite: Beginning Jewelry I or equivalent. Prior oxy/propane torch experience required. Students enrolled in jewelry classes must be 17 or older. Students will need the following supplies to complete each project: PROJECT 1: Textured earrings - copper or sterling silver 1”x4 ½”x 24 gauge sheet, 2’x18gauge round wire & earring wires or 6”x20gauge round wire in sterling silver. Copper approx $6.00 Sterling silver approx$22.00 PROJECT 2: Anticlastic bracelet - copper or sterling silver1¼” x8”x22gauge sheet. Copper approx $5.00 Sterling silver approx $72.00 PROJECT 3: Hoop earrings - copper or sterling silver 1’x ¼ “x20gauge rectangular wire & 6”x20gauge round wire in sterling silver. Copper approx $5.00 Sterling silver approx$18.00
Dates: June 28-August 23
Day: Wednesdays
Time: 6:00 PM-9:00 PM
Number of Sessions: 9
Age: Adults
Cost: $290 ($265 member)