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Sculpting From a Cast with Lesa Cook

Instructor: Lesa Cook
Description: Learn to sculpt by copying an existing cast- using a sight/size method, students will replicate an existing sculpture at the same size, training the eye for observation and proportion and learning the properties of clay. A great introduction to sculpture. Class will feature historical examples, instructor demonstrations and individual instruction. Each student will complete a sculpture "copy" of an existing cast which can then be hollowed out and dried for firing. Students will learn to train their eye for proportion and working in the round. They will also learn about the properties of clay and how to prepare a piece to be fired.
Dates: July 17-July 21
Day: Monday - Friday
Time: 1:00 PM-3:00 PM
Number of Sessions: 5
Age: 12-16
Cost: $175 ($150 member)