Roll & Etch Textures Techniques

Instructor: Beth Carey
Description: This class is now closed. Create more dimension in your jewelry pieces in this class geared for intermediate and advanced jewelers. Students will learn to create texturing templates from paper, plastic, or metal to use in the rolling mill. Demonstrations will include new techniques in etching, adding color to your designs with colored pencils and ink, and adding stone accents to your jewelry pieces. REQUIRED: Signed studio waiver, safety glasses, earplugs, ventilated respirator (3M #8515 recommended). Prerequisite: Beginning Jewelry I or equivalent. Prior oxy/propane torch experience required. Students enrolled in jewelry classes must be 17 or older. Students will need the following SUPPLIES: Project 1: Template Textured Bracelet; Xacto knife, manila folders, and heavy plastic sheets; 20ga copper or sterling silver sheet, 1.5x6in (Est cost = $15 - $40). Project 2: Cuff or Linked Bracelet. For cuff: 18ga copper sheet, 3x6in OR 18ga sterling silver sheet, 2x6in OR 18ga double clad/bi-metal, 3x6in. For linked bracelet: 18ga copper OR sterling silver sheet; 16ga round copper OR sterling silver wire, 2in (Cost est = $16 - $65). Project 3: Etched Color Earrings: 20ga copper OR sterling silver sheet, 1.5in square; OR copper or double clad/bi-metal; and 20ga round sterling silver wire, 1in (Cost est $8 - $18.00). NOTE: A limited supply of metal is available for purchase at the Delaplaine.
Dates: April 12-June 7
Day: Wednesdays
Time: 9:30 AM-12:30 PM
Number of Sessions: 9
Age: 17 and older
Cost: $290 ($265 member)