The Delaplaine is always seeking qualified art instructors in a variety of fields. We accept applications on an ongoing basis. Delaplaine instructors can serve in any or all of the following capacities:

Classes and Workshops

The Delaplaine is particularly interested in instructors who teach specialty workshops, youth and family classes, and adult woodworking. We welcome proposals for shorter classes (3–6 weeks) and media outside our current class schedule.

Summer Camps

Summer camp sessions are for children 6–10 years old or 10–14 years old. Each session is one week (5 days) and for 2hrs per day in either the morning or afternoon, with the overall camp program lasting nine weeks. Instructors are welcome to teach multiple sessions. The Delaplaine’s Summer Camp program is state certified, and instructors are supported by camp assistants and full-time staff. We begin planning camps in October.

Community Outreach

We believe that everyone deserves art. With that vision in mind, the Delaplaine’s outreach workshops provide art education classes taught by highly qualified instructors for underserved and at-risk populations such as preschoolers, parent/child pairs, youth, teens, seniors, adults with developmental and physical disabilities, or those who struggle with substance abuse.

Educational Standards

All classes at The Delaplaine Arts Center will address the following:

  • How art historical references inform subject matter;
  • How to identify and use tools and equipment specific to a particular medium;
  • How to properly navigate the studio in a safe manner;
  • How to incorporate elements of art and principles of design;
  • The value of critical thinking and aesthetics.

Instructional Goals

Delaplaine instructors will:

  • Be organized and well prepared for class;
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm for the class subject matter;
  • Be knowledgeable about the subject matter;
  • Foster an open exchange of creative ideas;
  • Be helpful and encouraging to all students.

The Delaplaine is eager to cultivate a teaching staff with the ability to pinpoint and pursue relevant teaching objectives. We expect our educators to have a clear idea of their curriculum goals, the skill set their students can hope to gain from them, and, if applicable, the projects that will be completed during the span of a proposed course. All instructors must submit a detailed supply list and photographs with their proposals.

Instructors are contracted on an adjunct basis, subject to adequate class enrollment. As stated in our instruction policies, the Delaplaine reserves the right to cancel any courses and will do so if the class garners fewer than five (5) paying students. Furthermore, instructor contracts are class-specific, encompassing only the hours scheduled for a certain course or workshop; we do not have tenured staff nor do we keep staff on retainer.

Application Requirements

Teaching experience required • BA or higher in art and/or education preferred

  • Cover letter
  • Completed application form or a current résumé (including education, training, work experience, and three current references with phone numbers and email addresses)
  • At least (5) images of recent work and/or images of your students’ work

Email your application materials in a single PDF document here. After an introductory meeting with Delaplaine staff, the Instruction Panel will review your application information and you will be contacted and informed of their decision.