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Washington Wax Works

Melting Point
February 6-28

“Egress” by David Evans

This DC-area artist collective will showcase art made by using hot wax-a medium known as “encaustic”.  Each of the six members interprets encaustic in vastly different ways, giving expression to the many possible techniques.

Jim Roberts

Anatomy of a Lie
Mixed Media
February 6-February 28

Culture of a Lie

Roberts exhibition contains work that, at its core, is a sculptural examination of our nation’s current political environment, specifically the multiple and intricate webs of deception that power its operation.  Robert’s work examines how information is created, reconfigured, and spread to create a narrative that furthers a particular end.

Janet Seifert

Oil paintings
February 6-February 28

Cosmic Coffee Bean

Seifert’s series of abstract oil paintings explores the phenomenon of luminosity and the visual experience of light defining our perception of reality.  The paintings appear as moments frozen in time, creating a contemplative, serenely luminous effect.

Maryland Pastel Society

Symphony in Color
February 6-March 28

“Drive By Donkey” by Susan Gleason

This exhibition features original, soft pastel paintings by members of the Maryland Pastel Society, showcasing this versatile medium’s variety of subjects, styles, and techniques.

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