“Flying Cow” by Alex Fine

About the Exhibition

April 4-26, 2020 ONLINE
The Delaplaine Arts Center introduces Graphic Era, a celebration of the graphic arts by digital design and illustration artists from around the U.S. The juried exhibition will feature a selection of artists who are using illustration to engage larger audiences via social, digital, and print media. Graphic Era introduces visitors to the digital arts and artists who have begun adapting this art form to a new generation and their interests.

About the Juror

Kat Irannejad is Co-Founder and Executive Illustration Agent at Snyder New York, a women-owned agency representing a dynamic group of illustrators, image makers, designers, animators, and directors from around the world.


Graphic Era Juried Exhibition Award Winners 

Grand Prize

Two Dics by Pauline Hudel Smith (Dallas, Texas)



Unity by Laci Jordan (Glendale, California)



Narrator by John Harlan Norris (Lexington, Kentucky)



There’s No Justice, There’s Just-Us by Joshua Sandoval (Los Angeles, California)


List of Accepted Works

Tima Aflitunov (Reisterstown, Maryland), Loves Me Loves Me Not [Leucanthemum Vulgare 1]

Tima Aflitunov (Reisterstown, Maryland), Tore Out All of the Pedals [Leucanthemum Vulgare 2]

Tima Aflitunov (Reisterstown, Maryland), As Every One Bit of Him Wore Her Like Medals [Leucanthemum Vulgare 3]

Tamara Alexander (San Francisco, California), Queen of the Desert

Tamara Alexander (San Francisco, California), Tiger Spirit

Katlynn Almansor (Hedgesville, West Virginia), #MeToo

Shelby Baillie (Sarasota, Florida), Taxidermy Heaven

Shelby Baillie (Sarasota, Florida), Peter and The Wolf

Aaron Bleidt (Fayetteville, Arkansas), Drawn to the Moon

Aaron Bleidt (Fayetteville, Arkansas), You Are Here

Aaron Bleidt (Fayetteville, Arkansas), Underwater

Austin Braswell (Frederick, Maryland), A Homage to Frederick County

StarKid (Frederick, Maryland), Call Me

Chris Duke (Winchester, Virginia), Rory McIlroy

Jordan Forrest (Glen Burnie, Maryland), Persephone, Who Ate a Pomegranate Seed

Jordan Forrest (Glen Burnie, Maryland), To the Bottomless Alcyonian Lake

Kristy Good (Brunswick, Maryland), On Pins and Needles

Brian Hoffman (Newton Centre, Massachusetts), Happy Pillz

Brian Hoffman (Newton Centre, Massachusetts), The Palace Roof Has a Hole

Pauline Hudel Smith (Dallas, Texas), Two Dics

Pauline Hudel Smith (Dallas, Texas), Speaking in Tongues

Matthew Johnson (Semmes, Alabama), Your Next Step

Laci Jordan (Glendale, California), Unity

Laci Jordan (Glendale, California), Walking in Purpose

Laci Jordan (Glendale, California), Spectating

John Kachik (Sykesville, Maryland), Superman

John Kachik (Sykesville, Maryland), Buddy Holly

Matt Long (Frederick, Maryland), 2020 National Cherry Blossom Festival Official Art

Clair Lueke (Waianae, Hawaii), Wahine in Haku Lei

Sabina Majercik (Murphy, North Carolina), LIVING room

Sabina Majercik (Murphy, North Carolina), Journey

Julie Maynard (Middletown, Maryland), A New Day Is Dawning

Meghan McKee (Baltimore, Maryland), How to Care for Your Cacti

Meghan McKee (Baltimore, Maryland), Room with a View

Meghan McKee (Baltimore, Maryland), Peachy Brunch

Nelson Munares (Los Angeles, California), Calicata 2

John Harlan Norris (Lexington, Kentucky), Diplomat

John Harlan Norris (Lexington, Kentucky), Disintegrants

John Harlan Norris (Lexington, Kentucky), Narrator

Qrcky (Woodbridge, Virginia), Letter from the Bottle

Qrcky (Woodbridge, Virginia), Jay

Erick Sahler (Salisbury, Maryland), Moonwalk

Erick Sahler (Salisbury, Maryland), Northbound

Joshua Sandoval (Los Angeles, California), There’s No Justice, There’s Just-Us

Mark Addison Smith (New York, New York), You Spend A Lot of Time Judging Yourself Through Other People’s Eyes.

Melinda K.P. Stees, (Chagrin Falls, Ohio), Night City

Melinda K.P. Stees, (Chagrin Falls, Ohio), The Start of It All

Volta Voloshin-Smith (Dallas, Texas), Cheers to Friday

Volta Voloshin-Smith (Dallas, Texas), Frida

Volta Voloshin-Smith (Dallas, Texas), Sprinkles are for Winners

Bill Watson (New Market, Maryland), Another Headache

Bill Watson (New Market, Maryland), impeach

Bill Watson (New Market, Maryland), The Fool (Tarot)

Joe Williams (Frederick, Maryland), Full Spectrum vs. Blind Loyalty

Joe Williams (Frederick, Maryland), No Fear

Angie Yeo (Pasadena, California), Kids Can Better Understand Their Peers

Angie Yeo (Pasadena, California), My Dad