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Contemporary Innovations: Amanda McCavour

Embroidered Spaces
Embroidery installations
Sep 4–Oct 31

Floating Garden at Cornell Museum of Art, Delray Beach, FL. Photo by Matt Sturgess, 4th Ave Photo.

McCavour uses a sewing machine to create thread drawings and installations. Through an exploration of line and its 2–D and 3–D implications, stitch is used to explore various concepts such as connections to home, the fibers of the body, and more formal considerations of thread’s accumulative presence.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Amanda McCavour is a Toronto-based artist interested in thread’s assumed vulnerability, its ability to unravel, and its strength when sewn together. McCavour shows her works, which are created on-site, in galleries throughout her native Canada and internationally.


Douglas Zaruba

The Art of Solitude
Paintings and Sculpture
Oct. 2-31

Black Series #10

Through paintings and sculpture, Zaruba explores solitude saying, “Solitude is a dimension too complex to be captured by a single definition.”


Catherine Day

Digital pigment prints on fabric
Sep 4–Oct 31

Cut Vines Akimbo

Day uses silks and antique linens as print-making materials to depict loss, grief, and the fragile nature of memory, and also to underscore the human mark made on our environment.


Kathryn Toothman

Jed and Darlin’s Woodland Friends
Wool and fabric sculptures
Sep 4–Oct 31

Jed and Darlin

Toothman uses fabric and wool on wire armatures to bring her creations to life. Presented in a carefully assembled, comfortable environment, these characters are ready to tell their tales.



Works in a variety of media
Sep 4–Oct 31

For this juried exhibition artists were invited to submit works in any medium, reflecting on life during the pandemic and/or examining the therapeutic possibilities of artmaking.

Artists and artwork titles in the exhibition:

-Shannon Beatty, “Spiked”
-Shannon Beatty, “Tools of the Alchemist”
-Vicki Clarkson, “The Melancholy of Landscapes…Letting in the Light”
-Bonnie B. Collier, “Grafton Memory”
-Rita Corwin, “Where to?”
-Antonina Enalieva, “Captive”
-Antonina Enalieva, “Fugitive”
-Julie Maynard, “Scars”
-Mariam Memarsadeghi, “New Heavens”
-Karen Peacock, “Good Girl”
-Pamela Phillips, “Sanctuary”
-Margo Phillips, “Undefined”
-Meg Steckler, “Daily Moods”
-Anne Whitfield Edgin, “Faceless in 2020”
-Carl Yonder, “Overcome”
-Barbara Ziselberger, “And a Calm Came Over Her”


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