Current Exhibitions


The Delaplaine offers five galleries on two floors showcasing local, regional, and national artists. In addition, the Community Art Gallery features artworks from local schools and nonprofit organizations, and the Community Outreach Gallery features artwork created through our community outreach programs partnerships. The Delaplaine also operates three satellite galleries in partnership with Frederick County Public Libraries.

Join us every First Saturday for a building-wide exhibits reception, 3-5 pm. View upcoming dates here. Admission to our galleries is free!

Barry Richardson & Chris Carr | An Artist and His Student

Watercolor paintings and limited-edition screen prints
February 1–March 1

Last Winter’s Morning by Barry Richardson

An Artist and His Student is a retrospective body of work exploring the artistic journeys of two late artists who discovered a muse within Frederick.

Master Art Copyists | The Art of Copying

Copyist works
February 1–March 1

Copy after Jean Honoré Fragonard, “Young Girl Reading,” c. 1769 by Vivian Parker.

Painting from the renowned collection of the National Gallery of Art, Master Art Copyists work to enhance their skills by echoing the techniques of master artists from throughout the ages. Artworks are paired with informational texts citing the original masterpieces and their creators, as well as the factors that go into making a successful copy.

Sarah Jane Stoll | Dusk

Large-format oil paintings
January 4–March 1

Meditating on the Sofa by Sarah Jane Stoll

With an emphasis on figures and their place within an environment of painterly abstraction, Dusk delves into the complexities of dream realms, mythological feminine archetypes, and symbols of nature. By manipulating paint through a combination of squeegee dragging, palette knife scraping, masking, and marbling techniques, Stoll captures realism as it dissipates into a dream-like abstraction.

Tracey Ellis-Guss | An Enduring Spirit

January 4–March 1

The Beauty of Hands and Feet by Tracey Ellis-Guss

In this series of black-and-white photography, Ellis-Guss documents the physical changes experienced by a friend as she underwent chemotherapy. With photos that span a four-month period, An Enduring Spirit offers a glimpse into the inner growth of its model, and the lasting effects on those around her.

Tali Margolin | Preserving Memories

Mixed-media 2-D
January 4–March 1

Place by Tali Margolin

Preserving Memories draws from the artist’s experiences with immigration to unravel the concept of home and the process of memory-making. By reworking and layering photographs of everyday objects, familiar structures, and generic landscapes, Margolin guides the viewer to create associations within their own memories.



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