Japanese Shishi-Odoshi (Deer Chaser) Workshop

Instructor: Brandon Blische
Description: This workshop meets 10am-5pm on 7/2. Combining the elements of wood and water, the shishi-odoshi, or deer chaser, is a traditional component of a Japanese garden. Water trickles into a bamboo swing, gradually filling until it reaches its capacity and then dumps the water out, landing with a thud... scaring away any critters that may be looking for a meal in your garden. It is a beautiful and meditative element to any garden. Join us in this one day workshop as we create a handmade deer chaser for you to install in your garden. It can be installed next to pond or simply in a large ceramic/plastic watertight pot. (You will need to supply waterproof pond pump at home). Tuition includes all supplies. REQUIRED: Signed studio waiver (provided in class), closed-toed shoes, long hair must be tied back, no jewelry, must roll up long sleeves.
Dates: July 2-July 2
Day: Sunday
Time: 11:30 AM-6:00 PM
Number of Sessions: 1
Age: Adults
Cost: $175 ($150 member)