Accepted Works for the 2018 National Juried Photography Exhibit

David Bartlett, “Vultures in Snow”

David Bartlett, “Nesting Herons IV”

David Bartlett, “Nesting Herons V”

Mary Jo Bennett, “Divergence”

Mary Jo Bennett, “Antietam Landscape”

Michael Brown, “Badlands Storm”

William Brozy, “Guardian of Dogwood Secrets”

Patty Burgess, “Frederick City Hall in Late March Snow”

Rebecca Carpenter, “Internalized”

Rebecca Carpenter, “Vulnerability”

Howard Clark, “Capitol Columns Panorama”

Benjamin Clarke, “Mezquita”

Bonnie B. Collier, “Trappe Memory”

Bonnie B. Collier, “Willis Memory”

Colleen Conley, “Gift of Color”

Wendy Crowe, “Entwined”

Wendy Crowe, “Painted Sky”

Larry Dean, “Icelandic Chapel”

Larry Dean, “Peabody Staircase”

Marshall Dupuie, “Lost”

Donald Frame, “Determined”

Donald Frame, “Savannah by Starlight”

Moheb Gadalla, “Let Freedom Rain”

Moheb Gadalla, “Cat Guard”

Gil Narro Garcia, “Dune”

Richard Greene, “Abstract Architectural #1”

Martin Heavner, “Wanderlust on the Burgundy Canal”

Andrew Hersey, “Good Counsel, Heeded”

Andrew Hersey, “I am Just a Photograph of You”

Stephen Hung, “Sossusvlei, Namibia”

Stephen Hung, “Ruby Beach”

Elaine Johnston Schuch, “Watchful”

Elaine Johnston Schuch, “Night Vision”

Paul Kane Burgundy, “Fairy Tale”

Paul Kane, “Tumbling Bales”

Matthew Kazik, “Light Over The Darkness”

Carol Leadbetter, “Faces Of The World”

Carol Leadbetter, “Smoke Dreams”

Carol Leadbetter, “Silk Mill 1920 Payroll”

Kiera Lyons, “Lotus Petal of the District”

Jessica LaRue McCann, “Reborn”

Jessica LaRue McCann, “Deeply Rooted”

Cam Miller, “Twilight on Crocheron”

Cam Miller, “Poppy Dreams”

Kathryn Mohrman, “Spear Fishing”

Michael Munchel, “Tunnel Vision”

Norma Munchel, “Portland Head Lighthouse”

Cathleen Newberg, “Her Space”

Mark Nichols, “Summer’s Finale”

Vanessa O’Mara, “Hummingbird #3”

Ed Palaszynski, “Ellis Island Tribute”

Ed Palaszynski, “Vanishing Ice I”

Penny A Parrish, “Red Boat, Iceland”

Daniele Piasecki, “Meditation on a Cross of Blue Poppies”

Jose Rosapepe, “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head”

Jose Rosapepe, “Spring Returns with Persephone”

Jose Rosapepe, “Dreaming of Kandinsky”

James  Scowcroft, “Storm Clouds over Buachaille Etive Mor”

James  Scowcroft, “Sunrise at Etive Mor Waterfall”

Barbara Simcoe, “Shadow Nesting Time”

Denis Sivack, “287 Swallow”

Cindy Stegle, “Branching Out”

Tim Stephens, “The Seekers”

Rawligh Sybrant, “A Flower in a Flower”

Michael Hunter Thompson, “Lake House”

Jim Turner, “Robber Fly”

Irene VanBuskirk, “Rusted Jupiter”

Irene VanBuskirk, “Shadows”

Steve Welti, “Fall in Love”

Steve Welti, “Vulnerable”

John Wisor, “B & O Fragment 1”

John Wisor, “B & O Fragment 2”

Reggie Yinger, “Blue Ocean”

Beamie Young, “Granary”


Accepted works must be delivered or shipped to the Delaplaine by Thursday, October 25th. 

Artists are solely responsible for shipping, delivery/pick-up, and any unusual installation requirements. Shipped work must contain a prepaid return shipping label. FedEx and UPS are preferred shippers. All shipping materials will be reused and returned.

Thank you to all entrants who submitted their works for consideration.

If you have any questions about the list of accepted entries or need to share amendments for a name and/or title, please contact Exhibitions Manager, Sydney Dexter, at, or 301-698-0656 ext 108.